These strategic services will help you create vision for a new end-state user experience. By blending the services, we can make an engagement model that's right for you and your teams. 

User Experience Strategy

This offering is focused on creating the a user-experience strategy and vision for an innovative new end-state user experience. The objectives are to make your teams perform in more innovative ways, leverage technologies more effectively, and create radically great user experiences. This is a hands-on engagement and involves working with your design, technology, marketing, and executive teams.  Some aspects of the engagement may include:

  • Capability & Maturity Model of the business with regards to user-experience execution
  • Technical landscape analysis (current & future state)
  • Brand analysis and positioning
  • Data analysis of user experience (e.g., review of logged data of user actions)
  • Morphological analysis + near-competitive analysis (relevant analogs) 
  • Ideation for analogs/frameworks/models allow for a differentiated UX that drives key business objectives 
  • Ideation and brainstorming (with customer) for new user-experience
  • Creation of vision articulation deliverable (K-Script, user journey flow, graphics, video depending on engagement)
  • Partnership impact analysis (current and potential)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Ethnographic research
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Customer lifecycle analysis (e.g., buying experience, customer service, retention, etc.) 


This offering focuses on quick time-to-insight for the client. The objectives are to quickly learn about the client’s environment, understand the customer perspective, and provide quick-hit insights that the customer can act on, which can lead to strategic/tactical consulting services.

  • Understanding core use-cases, basics of client business/tech/offerings
  • Expert review of current user experience
  • Establishing archetypes/personas for users
  • User journey of current state
  • Identification of user pain points
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Top insights & recommendations


Designed for an project/product manager, executive, or investor, this engagement helps companies identify the product’s user-experience weaknesses, offers a remediation plan and guidance to streamline resources to provide clear and valuable user experiences.

  • Analysis of user experience lifecycle: customer awareness, buying/engaging, user experience of services/products, packaging, marketing collateral, customer service engagement
  • Recommendations for both the company providing the product/service as well as the investor/board member/advisor
 A sketch note from my talk at Mind The Product,  London 2017

A sketch note from my talk at Mind The Product,  London 2017