These services will help you empower your team to innovate in new ways, help them learn new techniques, or even create working prototypes that you can use to solve pressing problems. By blending the services, we can make an engagement model that's right for you and your teams. 

Design-thinking keynotes and workshops

When your company or team needs to break out of their old ways of thinking, a keynote presentation can inspire and ignite new ways of thinking. Typical keynotes will cover:

  • A Fundamental 10-Step Design & Innovation Process
  • The 3 Secrets to innovating in a large organization, and why innovation efforts often fail 
  • A process for determining the essence of a new product/service
  • A section of customized content based on the audience and objectives

Workshops cover more topics and put into practice each topic covered. Some highlights include:

  • Stakeholders analysis techniques, beyond the customer and the user
  • Hazard and risk analysis, and how to reduce uncertainty 
  • Rapid idea generation, and proprietary K-Script methodology 
  • Usability testing techniques

Workshops can range from 1/2-day sessions to 4 day sessions and can be conducted globally. All keynotes are conducted by Blade Kotelly and workshops may be conducted by Blade Kotelly or another consultant, as desired.

Design and Innovation Coaching

This service focuses on providing help to the team, and rapid time-to-insight for the client. The objectives are to quickly learn about the current objectives, implement light-weight design-thinking tools, and provide quick-hit insights you can act on, immediately. 

  • Understanding core use-cases, basics of client business/tech/offerings
  • Expert review of current user experience, assumption investigation
  • Coaching the team and implementing K-Script and experience-flow tools 
  • Establishing archetypes/personas for users as needed
  • User journey creation of current/future states as needed
  • Insights & recommendations

The service can be conducted on-site or remotely based on the needs of the client and project and typically would last 1-2 weeks. 

Hands-On Innovation & Prototyping

In this engagement we will work as part of your team, and help facilitate or augment an innovation project.  This is a fully customized engagement that can range from idea-generation, to prototype creation, testing and refinement. 

The objective is to enable you to create a vision for a product or service that you can implement with current technology within 6-24 months (depending on your product release cadence).  

We believe in creating concepts that address the realities of implementation in your current environment, not a video of something that's unrealistic or unachievable in the near term (we prefer to leave that to science-fiction writers.)

Elements of this engagement may include:

  • Analysis of user experience lifecycle: customer awareness, buying/engaging, user experience of services/products, packaging, marketing collateral, customer service engagement
  • Capability & Maturity Model of the business with regards to user-experience and technical execution
  • Technical landscape analysis (current & future state)
  • Brand & customer-culture analysis and positioning
  • Data analysis of user experience (e.g., review of logged data of user actions)
  • Rapid idea generation and vision articulation deliverable (K-Script, user journey flow, graphics, video depending on engagement)
  • Technical working prototype creation (can be in many domains including AR/VR/Speech-Rec/Web/Mobile/Social-Robotics/Hardware & Software solutions, and more)
  • Prototype testing and refinement