If you don't have a user-experience strategy, you don't have a strategy.


Every company is a user-experience company.  From startups to mature organizations, one of the biggest challenges is bringing the right user-experience to the market. By applying design-thinking strategy with a deep understanding of technology and business, you can make your workforce innovate in ways you never dreamed of.   

Create Amazing User-Experience For Complex Technologies

Products and services are increasingly complex, and the user-experience drives value more than ever before. But it's impossible to create great offerings unless your user-experience designers, and the strategy they create, take full advantage of the complex technology landscape while being sensitive to the changing needs of the business and your customers. This is what makes most companies stagnate: they are afraid to challenge the assumptions that first made them successful.   

when do You need it?

Design-thinking should always drive a companybut it's particularly important when the company is bringing new innovations to market, finds themselves stalling, or simply realizes they need to change direction. These are moments when design-thinking services are the most valuable. 

WHAT'S THE Process?

The 3 steps to innovation are:

  1. Discover where you're successfully innovating and where the gaps are
  2. Turn your employees into innovation leaders through innovation focused design-thinking workshops
  3. Create a user-experience strategy that leverages your technology, best

I want your teams to be better thinkers to innovate more effectively, and I want to get my hands dirty helping you with design-thinking strategy, workshops and working with your team to create innovations and ensure they are successful.

When you hire Blade Kotelly Consulting, you get a consultant with years of experience, who’s run a start-up, hired and led teams, created successful SAAS product roadmaps, designed everything from Speech Recognition systems, Database and Search systems, Big Data Visualization, Security Software, Mobile, Web, to the World’s First Social Robot and is on the faculty of MIT.


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(yes, Blade is really my name, ask me about it)