We help world-class brands learn to innovate to transform their products, services


Every company is a customer-experience company. By applying design-thinking with a deep understanding of technology + business + people + culture, we can help you innovate in ways that will transform your products and services and create customer experiences that will excite your customers and grow your revenue, now.  

to Create Amazing customer-Experience, use New Technology in new ways

Business is increasingly complex, and your user-experience drives value more than ever before. Most companies only innovate in incremental ways, instead of radically innovating to provide best-in-class experiences to their customers. Why do most companies stagnate? They are afraid to challenge the assumptions that first made them successful. Think about the best brands in the world: they all leverage the core of what makes them unique, and also challenge themselves to bring their products and service to customers in new ways, to create stronger bonds with their customers and increase the lifetime value of their customers.       

The Value of transformational innovation

Design-thinking and innovation should always drive a company—but it's particularly important when world-class brands are facing competitive pressures or need to create differentiation. These are moments when design-thinking and innovation services are the most valuable. Research has shown that companies who invest as little as 2% of their spend on innovation in transformational innovation (compared to incremental innovation), creates more than 80% of their long term revenue. Unfortunately most brands invest more dollars in marketing spend, instead of product and service innovation.  

We will make your teams innovate more effectively, and help you create new products and services that will leap-frog the competition. 

What we Offer

We offer 3 kinds of engagement, from helping to empower your team to be more innovative, to hands-on design and experience prototyping.

  1. Design-Thinking Keynote & Innovation Workshops. Starting with keynote presentations, and moving up through 1/2-day to 4 day workshops, these experiences give your teams practical & tested tools they can put to use immediately to be more innovative

  2. Design and Innovation Coaching. If you're working on a project that needs to engage the hearts and minds of your customers, a 2-4 week coaching engagement will help your team with tools and proven techniques that will reduce uncertainty and create better vision and a more successful and innovative solution.

  3. Hands-On Innovation & Prototyping. When you need to create new products and solutions, we will help your teams by innovating along side them, helping them design, prototype and test solutions, or use our teams and partners to create working prototypes that leverage technologies that you can realistically implement in the near-term to create transformative high-impact solutions.

These services are all created to help you quickly recognize value from them. Some clients see results in as soon as 2 weeks as their teams start to innovate in new ways, others get value from new implemented solutions in as little as 3 months as they develop and deploy innovations that grow their business. 

Presenting design thinking can be approached as a sleepy academic subject, or supercharged for busy leaders who want the know-how now. 
Blade delivered.  He is a very quick study who identified the opportunity for us to apply design thinking to our unique and urgent business needs.  He tailored an action-packed workshop at our North American Innovation Conference where he introduced the foundations of design thinking including brief breakout sessions to ensure participants had sufficient understanding of the process.  He then  led us through a custom exercise to break through previously insurmountable barriers.  The session was engaging, energizing, and effective.  Historic non-participators  joined in as they saw actual results building. 
This was one of the most productive working/skill building sessions I have participated in, and Blade’s expertise  made it worthwhile.
— Elaine Varelas, Managing Partner, Keystone Partners, LLC.
“Blade’s techniques and approaches helped save my company when we only had 6 months of runway left! He quickly applied a sophisticated design-thinking approach that tied the technical, business and users all together. My company engaged Blade part-time for a few months, we implemented his plan and grew the business incredibly quickly because of that work. Just recently the company was acquired for $150MM. If it wasn’t for Blade and his ideas to pivot the product, the company wouldn’t have survived. In that process, I personally learned a lot from Blade that I use to this day.”
— Larry Kim, Founder, WordStream


When you hire Blade Kotelly Consulting, you get an expert consultant with more than 23 years of experience who’s run a start-up, hired and led successful design and innovation teams, created successful SAAS product roadmaps, designed everything from Speech Recognition systems, Database and Search systems, Big Data Visualization, Security Software, Mobile, Web, the World’s First Social Robot, Smart Speakers and is on the faculty of MIT. 

You also get consultants who know and have practiced Blade's innovation strategies, techniques, and teaching methods, and can create digital prototypes, physical prototypes, cultural-impact research, and more. 


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(yes, Blade is really my name, ask me about it)